Beth is a long-time Baltimorean, a huge Ravens fan, and co-organizer of Films on the Pier.
She is a great connection in Fells Point for anyone interested in what the neighborhood has to offer.

Email Beth: FellsPointFilms[at]gmail[dot]com
How interesting!: Beth was a dolphin trainer for 13 years, and also managed a flying trapeze school for five years!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I have been a city resident for 21 years; I’ve lived in several different neighborhoods. Eventually, I bought a home in Fells Point 13 years ago. After living and working in the neighborhood, I got involved with the Fells Point community association, which eventually led to being elected to the board. I enjoy being involved in community organizing and community development.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
Currently I am co-organizer of Fells Point Films on the Pier. This free film series ran for several summers but was discontinued after 2016. It was a very popular neighborhood event and missed by many residents and visitors. Then, we resurrected it for the 2018 season with support from The Preservation Society and Fells Point Residents Association! We teamed up with the Rhythm and Reels Program from Baltimore Recreation and Parks to be able to offer the series. It runs every Wednesday for eight weeks during the summer, from mid-July through late-August.

Films on the Pier is a fun community event that benefits both residents, visitors, and businesses. We have the amazing opportunity to showcase our historic neighborhood and unique stores and restaurants. I love my neighborhood and want to introduce people to all we have to offer!

What do you like about Baltimore?
For fun, I love the festivals, happy hours, and events going on in the city. In my free time, you could catch me taking in the view from the roof top pool at Merritt, or brunching. There’s so much to do with the walkability and the variety of restaurants, bars, and shops, especially in Fells Point, where history is integrated in every step. Every day will have a variety of different events to choose from. I love Baltimore and the people you find here, the different personalities of each neighborhood, and the potential in the city and its people.

Other than that, I’m really passionate about being involved in this city, whether that’s organizing a free event in the neighborhood or being the voice for a task force or a community meeting. I want to help with moving the city forward in a way that everyone everyone will have access to equal opportunities no matter which neighborhood they live in. I love supporting solutions and worthwhile programs, like the St. Francis Neighborhood Center in West Baltimore. They are an amazingly successful program helping to end generational poverty. The success stories from there will make you cry happy tears. The staff and kids are amazing.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
Films on the Pier: Because of our great location and proximity to businesses and restaurants, the Fells Point Pier is one of the best places to take in a free movie! In 2018 we had several great local sponsors that made this possible. Many area-businesses offered specials on Wednesday nights, which was great for shopping/dinner/drinks before the movie or takeaway to eat during the film.

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One thought on “Beth Manning | Films on the Pier

  1. Beth –
    You know that your mom and I work on HoLLIE together…. she shared this website. I love what you are doing for Fells Point community.
    A group of us “Aquarium grads” gather occasionally for dinner in Canton.
    I want to email you directly – could you give me contact info?

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