Byron is a kind person with lots of energy and enthusiasm for Baltimore’s growth.
As the Assistant Director of Electric Flight Crew, Byron knows all the best running spots in town!

Email Byron: bmj2114[at]gmail[dot]com
How interesting!: Byron loves to laugh and make people smile! His personal theme song is the Beatles’ ‘Imagine.’

What brought you to Baltimore?
I have been in Baltimore since August 2017. I’ve lived in Canton and Fells Point. I have some family in the area, but they are originally from New York, and I’m from Boston. I like to read, write, go to the movies a lot, concerts, and run/workout.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I am the assistant director of Electric Flight Crew Baltimore. We run, workout, and drink social while being social. It’s all about getting out and moving while having fun.

What do you like about Baltimore?
I like Baltimore; I think it has a lot of potential. It is like a smaller Boston; the buildings are not too tall and there is a lot of brick and cobble stone. I love the water, Natty Boh, seafood, and sports teams. There is a lot of history here, too.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
Electric Flight Crew Baltimore: Electric Flight Crew focus on two things: making people feel more comfortable with being a bit uncomfortable, and having a good time. I love running; I have run about 25,000 miles in my life!

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