Dagmar is a Baltimore-transplant from Germany, via Nevada.
She relishes in being refreshed by nature and inspired by camaraderie, on or off the yoga mat.

Email Dagmar: yogahikes[at]dagmarbohlmann[dot]com
How interesting!: Dagmar believes that yoga, hiking, and essential oils should be part of everybody’s self-care. She is lucky to have a job that she loves as her hobby!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I live in the rural part of Baltimore. I moved here from Nevada for my husband’s job; our daughter lives in Germany and our son is in high school. My rescue dog, Lucky, is my most regular hiking buddy. Two lazy cats tolerate us sharing the house with them. Three stray cats outside have adopted us as their own. And a few crazy chickens live in the remodeled playset, retired from laying eggs.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I teach yoga at Brick Bodies Padonia and Hereford Physical Therapy, for corporate wellness programs and in private homes. I co-founded YOGAhikes Baltimore with my friend and fellow yoga teacher Kimberlee Strome. In 2013-2014, we took our yoga teacher training together, and reconnected at a yoga conference where we both attended a yoga and hiking workshop. The idea was born over lunch to launch YOGAhikes Baltimore.

What do you like about Baltimore?
I am originally from Berlin, Germany, and I find that Baltimore has a similar “rough around the edges” vibe to Berlin. It’s artsy, has lots going on outdoors, great access to trails, and really friendly people.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
YOGAhikes Baltimore: YOGAhikes is mindfully soaking in the forest’s aromas of damp wood, attuning yourself to the sounds of crunching leaves and joyful birds, noticing the feeling of plush moss and solid granite boulders under your feet, admiring the gurgling of a stream while balancing on a rock above it, and much more.

YOGAhikes is also the combination of a vigorous hike and off-the-mat yoga. We leave the predictability of the studio behind to create 90 minutes of vibrant wellness for the body, mind and soul. We strive for the yoga to enhance the hiking and the hiking enhance the yoga.

I love the connections that we forge through YOGAhikes. Once, in Loch Raven, a participant said she grew up on the other side of the reservoir but had never been on the trail we selected. Two YOGAhikers joined us to met earlier this year at YOGAhikes Gunpower, and they’ve been hiking buddies ever since. We see women who would never venture out into nature alone, folks from Baltimore City who rarely get to experience the beauty of the county, gym rats who only exercise indoors, and people of all types. Some have never done yoga, and other have never hiked before, but all of them keep me going at YOGAhikes.

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