Josh is passionate about the Baltimore Orioles.
Josh, along with his brother, Matt, and his friend, Bert, started the Section 336 podcast in 2012.

Email Josh:  section336podcast[at]gmail[dot]com
How interesting!:  In six years, Section 336 has only missed one week of Baltimore sports coverage!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I grew up in and around Baltimore; I’ve always loved the sports teams.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I host ‘Section 336,’ a Baltimore sports podcast. We talk a lot about the Baltimore Orioles, and then spend a lot of time at Camden Yards, enjoying the Orioles. We have been podcasting weekly about the Baltimore Orioles for five years; right now we’re in our sixth season.

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The Baltimore Orioles:  I love talking about the Baltimore Orioles, and the Baltimore sports scene. Section 336 was created for fans, by fans; we’re a personality-driven Baltimore sports show, and no matter what your relationship is to sports, you could find something to take away.

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