A big foodie with a big heart for Baltimore, Kyair is a teacher who thrives on the energy, momentum, and inspiration of his middle school students in Baltimore City.

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How interesting!: In his free time, Kyair volunteers making bagged lunches for the homeless; he often invites his students to join in making and delivering the lunches!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I came to Baltimore to pursue a dual Master’s in education so I could become a teacher. I currently teach in the Waverly neighborhood and play ultimate frisbee in various parks around the city.

Our neighborhoods don’t need a handout, but an open hand. I have been called to serve, and teaching is the vehicle through which I serve. Baltimore City has taken me in, cared for me, and allowed me to be and do me. This is a wonderful city that I am proud to call home. My kids (my students) inspire me. My students and their families have trusted my vision and my teaching. I truly consider my students and their families my family.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I am becoming Baltimore the longer I live here. Crab cakes have become weekly cravings. Having a chicken box is a “need” and not a “want.” I have fallen in love with the rich culture in our hidden neighborhoods, rich in value with histories and stories. The secrets of our city are in our neighbors. I often find myself driving around the city just to take it all in—the life, the vibrancy… it’s happening all around us.

People thrive on connections. This city is full of life and has an abundance of joy to give. I find it refreshing to give in to the moment and enjoy the city.

What do you like about Baltimore?
The food here is off-the-charts good! There are so many places to grab a quick bite, savor amazing food, and always try something new. I love going out to happy hour, enjoying a good cider with amazing conversation, or experiencing life together over crabs and a craft.

My Snapchat is about my life as a foodie; I love the food spots and going to brunch around town. I brunch around town with friends and review the food (and mimosas) using Snapchat.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:

Graffiti Alley (on North Ave. and Howard St.): Graffiti Alley is a great representation of Baltimore. Some on the outside see this as an ugly place; many of us are quick to pass judgement or keep it moving, and never stop to fully appreciate the wonder that is Baltimore. Graffiti Alley, like Baltimore, is a special place. When you stop, stare, and connect, you’ll be surprised at the magic and beauty that exists all around you. Go visit Graffiti Alley and see how special a place it is. We can transform our city: wake up, be a good person, and do great things!

Urban Teachers: Urban Teachers works to retain good teachers in Baltimore.

PlayWorks: PlayWorks is focused on ensuring safe play for students in the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Urban Debate League: I am inspired by the work that the Baltimore Urban Debate League does to empower kids, encouraging students to use their voice as a potent vehicle for change.

WE Schools: I appreciate that WE Schools focuses on showing students how to solve local issues and global issues by thinking outside the box.

Roosevelt or Patterson Park ultimate frisbee: Sunsets are best when sweating and tracking down a long frisbee pass at Roosevelt or Patterson Park while playing a game of pick-up with friends.

First Thursdays: Music is sweetest when enjoyed by the water at First Thursdays in Canton followed by singing with friends and strangers at Walt’s Inn.

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  1. So proud and happy that you are pursuing your dreams. Bless you for being dedicated to helping others. You an inspiration to your old Grandpa. Love, Bimz

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