Lauren is passionate about helping others to be the best version of themselves.
A blogger, runner, and occupational therapist, Lauren is great at connecting others with local resources for health and fitness.

Email Lauren:  breathedeeplyandsmileblog[at]gmail[dot]com
How interesting!:  Lauren has a huge sweet tooth! She loves desserts, especially Cream Cruiser.

What brought you to Baltimore?
I relocated to the city after I graduated from Towson University. Currently, I work as an occupational therapist, and I’m a running coach and store associate at Charm City Run. It’s important to me to help others be the best version of themselves. I strive to always work towards a balance of health and happiness in my life and want to help others do the same. When not running, you can find me working out with November Project Baltimore, eating in one of Baltimore’s great bars and restaurants, or exploring the city.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I’m a local blogger; I love sharing about local events and brands. I love telling others about Baltimore and suggesting places to try and events to explore.

What do you like about Baltimore?
The thing I love most about Baltimore is the people and community. It’s a big city with a small-city feel, which earns it the unofficial nickname, ‘Smalltimore.’ It’s a place where you can run into people you know and frequently cross paths with others. There are so many amazing people that are doing remarkable things in this city. There are different communities in every neighborhood, and an overall sense of community where people support local businesses and events. Whether it’s running into people at The Brewer’s Art happy hour, Riverside Park, or the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar, I’m always meeting new people and bumping into old friends. It’s the type of city where you need to get connected with people and information to find out about what’s going on and things to do.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
Charm City Run: When I first moved downtown, I joined a Charm City Run training group to train for my first marathon. That really helped me make new friends and explore more parts of the city; now, I love helping others make similar connections. With locations in Locust Point, Fells Point, and other locations throughout Maryland, you could shop there for all your running gear, and also to check out all the amazing events the store has. I’ve connected with people at the Thursday Night Pub Runs which are free, casual, and end with a free beer.

I enjoy working out solo sometimes, but there is something special about connecting with others and using fitness to be part of a community. I also feel that way about November Project Baltimore, with the free morning workouts every Wednesday and Friday!

Also, there’s the Baltimore BikeShare and the Charm City Circulator (free bus!) to help with getting around!

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