Lisa Kraus and Jason Shellenhamer are a husband-and-wife team who are passionate archaeologists;
they started the Herring Run Archaeology Project in 2014.
Run by all volunteers, this is one of the most unique nature programs in the city!

Email Lisa: lisa.kraus[at]gmail[dot]com
How interesting!:
  In her free time, Lisa loves reading mystery novels and doing puzzles!

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
We absolutely love where we live, in the northeast part of the city. We run a free public archaeology program in Herring Run Park, and we both work in the city as well. We started the Herring Run Archaeology Project with the mission of exploring and promoting Baltimore’s rich and history with the community. With a group of motivated volunteers, our goal was to explore the history of Herring Run Park through archaeological discovery. Since then, we have conducted a public archaeology program, completely free and open to the general public, where we explore the remains of a 17th through mid-19th century plantation in an effort to discover and tell the stories of the individuals who resided in our community, hundreds of years ago. We’re really making an effort to preserve the historic fabric of the city for Baltimore’s residents; it’s important that the city enacts laws and enforces the existing statutes designed to preserve the historic buildings, archaeological resources, and landmarks of Baltimore.

What do you like about Baltimore?
: My neighbors are the best people I’ve ever met. I love the individuality of Baltimore’s neighborhoods.
Jason: I love the passion and motivation of the city’s residents to use their individual and collective strengths to improve the community. I’m inspired by the passion of our volunteers and the community to learn more about our neighborhood’s past. It’s great to learn how the lives and decisions of those who came before us shaped the Baltimore in which we reside today.

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Herring Run Archaeology Project: Lisa and Jason are co-directors of Herring Run Archaeology Project, an all-volunteer public archaeology program in Herring Run Park. They are also curators for the archaeological collections at the Natural History Society of Maryland, bringing nature education to Baltimore.

Connect with the Herring Run Archaeology Project online:
Website | Facebook

Connect with the Natural History Society of Maryland online:
Website | Facebook

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