Megan, a Delaware native, was a Baltimore-transplant in 2012. A skilled, organized, and energetic event planner, Megan enjoys connecting people with one another and shedding light on life in Charm City. 

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How interesting!: Megan was born with the chicken pox!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I moved to Baltimore from rural southern Delaware for a job right out of college, and now I’ve been here for 6+ years. I love it! I’ve lived in Federal Hill, Otterbein, Fells Point, and now I’m in the Highlandtown/Patterson Park neighborhood; it’s my favorite. My fiancée, two dogs and I are within walking distance to so many good restaurants, Patterson Park, and Bmore Licks! I used to be involved with Waterfront Partnership, a non-profit in the Inner Harbor, and I loved producing free events for our locals and tourists. In my spare time I blog, cook/bake, and work on my two Instagram takeover accounts, @thebaltimorebaton and @thebridebaton.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
I’m passionate about connecting people. I find so often that when I meet someone in the city I immediately think of someone else they should meet and connect with. I love influencer meet-ups because there’s always a sprinkling of new people. I can hang out with all of the people who make my creative juices flow but also meet new people and learn from them!

What do you like about Baltimore?
It’s scary to launch a new idea, but I really enjoy the community in Baltimore and how supportive everyone is. In 2016, The Baltimore Baton was restarted (after sitting on the idea for three years) because of the support I had from the blogging community. They helped push it through the first couple of months and I’m so thankful for that!

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore: Waterfront Partnership is a non-profit that is already doing such tremendous work cleaning up our waterways (Hello Mr. Trash Wheel), educating Baltimoreans on how to properly dispose of their trash, and offering clean and safe ambassadors in the Inner Harbor to make our locals and visitors feel welcome and safe.

I loved seeing the people who come to those events and experience something for the first time. I will never forget the face of a young boy who rode a pony at the Harbor Harvest festival for the first time. He lived in Baltimore City, and did not have the means or resources to leave and visit a farm in the county during the fall season. He was amazed! That little boy is my inspiration every day.

Connect with Waterfront Partnership online:
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