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Benevolent Bubbles

Morgan is a talented chef, artist, and cyclist in Baltimore!
Morgan founded Benevolent Bubbles to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness by bringing bicycles and bubbles to the streets of Baltimore, spreading kindness and smiles to Baltimoreans along the way.

Email Morgan: Info[at]BenevolentBubbles[dot]com
How interesting!: Morgan’s favorite game of all-time is backgammon! She will gladly take on any willing opponent or new friend in playing a good game backgammon.

What brought you to Baltimore?
I moved to Baltimore in January 2018. I didn’t know many people at the time, and threw myself into as many activities I could. Now, I enjoy all sorts of things with friends throughout the city, like cooking/baking, doing yoga, reading a good book, gardening, playing games, and laughing together!

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
My connection to the city is quite literally through love; I met my husband here in Baltimore. He is really involved and has vast networks of friends and colleagues throughout the city; we’re so fortunate.

What do you like about Baltimore?
I really love the different pockets of communities throughout the city. I can’t help but marvel at the uniqueness at every corner I turn. There is something for everyone. These days, you can find me playing broomball, taking weaving class, tossing a frisbee, running with my dog, playing beach volleyball, kayaking on the harbor, and of course riding my bike through the city with a bubble machine!

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:
Benevolent Bubbles: My husband and I founded Benevolent Bubbles, an organization that spreads kindness, positivity, compassion, love, appreciation and empathy through the novel experience of cycling and bubbles. Our goal is to help reduce social stigma associated to mental health illnesses by bringing joy and resources to the Baltimore community. In my experience, doing something meaningful in community brings me a tremendous amount of happiness, which is something that I really crave but sometimes it’s really hard. This inspired me to organize in a way that spreads kindness and joy among fellow Baltimoreans. I wrote about my story with depression on our website, and you can learn more about our organization or how to join us for upcoming rides by visiting www.benevolentbubbles.org. I hope to see you on our next Bubble Cruise!

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