Phil is a new-Baltimorean, avid runner, and neighborhood planter.
Looking to connect with new folks who also love brunch and weeding,
Phil started the Beautify Baltimore Brunch Club to meet some neighbors, enjoy local restaurants, and clean up neighborhood blocks!

How interesting!: Phil loves listening to the Rocky soundtrack when he goes running!

What brought you to Baltimore?
I moved to Baltimore in 2017 when I took a promotion for work. While I still label myself a ‘rookie’ Baltimorean, I have definitely tried to explore the city as best I can. I grew up outside of Detroit, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to live in Long Beach, CA, San Diego, CA, Boston, MA, Las Vegas, NV, and now Baltimore, MD. Baltimore is like a long-lost brother of Detroit; both are incredibly underrated cities with tons to offer if you’re willing to look.

What’s your connection to Baltimore?
It’s always a bit challenging moving to a new city without a network. Thankfully, Baltimore is replete with great folks eager to cheers a glass and share some great conversations about Baltimore’s potential. I enjoy connecting over music, coffee, cocktails, and brunch, and I love meeting new people!

In fact, recently I went out to do some weeding in front of my home in Canton and I found it quite therapeutic. Next thing you know, I’d weeded the whole block and found tons of miscellaneous trash; it was a good for the street and for my soul. Then, I treated myself to a nice brunch and thought, ‘this needs to be a group thing.’ To get a feel for level of interest, I started a Facebook group called the Beautify Baltimore Brunch Club. Now we meet to weed and brunch on a regular basis!

What do you like about Baltimore?
One benefit of having lived in so many different cities is that I have definitely seen that diversity is what makes a city successful. I hope Baltimore continues to grow and diversify in population and industries.

Other than that, I love the row home format that Baltimore is known for. I see all these great historical photos of incredibly well manicured stoops and streets from the 1950s, and I can’t help but be curious about what Baltimore could look like if we all work together. With the B3C group, we can have fun with it at the same time!

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Beautify Baltimore Brunch Club: The vision is that the B3C group meets at a predetermined block in the Canton/Highlandtown area on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. We weed, cleanup, mulch, plant, etc. for about an hour, then celebrate our work by contributing to the local economy over brunch. It’s a great opportunity to do some good, meet some great people and contribute to that Baltimore pride that ties us all together. Plus, who doesn’t like a great brunch on Sunday?!

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3 thoughts on “Phil LaBarge | Beautify Balt. Brunch Club

  1. Hey, great idea, and I really like this idea of investing your time, effort, and $ into the city you live in! It’s egalitarian and proactive and I love it. Question – let’s say we don’t live in Canton, but rather, we live in East Baltimore, north of Hopkins. Would you be interested in branching out and helping beautify some of the neighborhoods with less *human* resources (we’re still neighborhood building!)?

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